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Carminic Acid (Dactilopius cocus costa)

The active element in the Cochineal (Dactilopius cocus costa) is obtained through selective methods who gives us a product made chowder who has an excellent stability to temperature an light.

The following products are the ones who are commercialized:


– Carminic Acid (in chowder): Concentration that can be in the range of 80% FCCII to 90% FCCII. This product is used in the pharmaceutical industry to stain acidsyrups in an orange color.


– Orange Carminic Acid: It is a product that is resistant to calcium in both chowder and solution states. Because of it’s property of a non-reactive product to calcium, it can be managed easily in mixes with other acid dye resistant products. It use is common in giving color to fruity drinks, cookies fillings, jellies and some other deserts.


– Red Carminic Acid: A red colored product that can be soluble with water and acid resistant products. It is used often in the make of Jellies, fruity drinks, syrups, in the marshmallows industry, juicy fruits, fruity fruits, candies and it is used also to caramelize apples.

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