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Obtained From :


Maíz morado (Zea maíz linus): Our dye has a purity that range between 13% to 20% in chowder and in 3% in a liquid state.


– These dye is used in our country to elaborate “chicha morada” and “mazamorra morada”.

Because of the purity that we achieve in it’s preparation, we can produce instant to prepare “chicha morada”drinks  and “mazamorra morada”

– Nowdays it is well known and required for the large amount of anti-free radicals that it carries and a research is in it’s way to investigate the capacity to prevent tumors growth.

– Anthocyanin Lacquer: Capable to be “pinout”, can provide a turquoise color to capsules without the harmful effects of synthetic dyes.

Red Cabagge (Col Roja)and Black Carrot (Zanahoria Negra)( daucus carota ssp sativa) 


The technique that we use allow us to obtain anthocyanins out of the red cowl and from the black carrot in a higher quality letting us avoid in it’s maximum the characteristic smell of these two prime elements.


-The anthocyanin produced by the Red Cowl and the Black Carrot are use to produce pinouts, syrups, and gelatin.

It is considered a very resistance red acid suitable for multiple uses.

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