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Carmine (Dactilopius cocus costa)

It is an organometallic compound who it’s active ingredient is the carminic acid obtained from the Cochineal (Dactilopius cocus costa) that provide us with a variety of exclusive red tone colored dyes that are used in the food industry with a great demand.The following, are the types of carmine in the market:


– Powder Carmine: Carmine lacquer not soluble in water in a multiple variety tones from red blueish to yellowish red dye who is used in cosmetics with a concentration up to 60% in carminic acid.


– Carmine for Surimi: Completely insoluble after it’s cooking so that the color does not migrate to the white color of the Surimi.


– Liquid Carmine: it is frequently used in the elaboration of yogurt, drinks, cookie fillings, fruity fruits, jams, jellies and in the Karmic industry in the making of sausages and wursts.


– Liquid Carmine Acid Resistant: Soluble in acid resistant water for a special type of yogurt and more acid food products.


– Hidrosoluble Carmine: Carmine hidrosoluble in water, atomized chowder up to a 60% in carminic acid for it’s use in the meat market industry and the milk industry to elaborate Yogurt.


– High property Carmine Dye: widely used in the cosmetic industry, meat industry and medicine. Has a high capacity of relaxation and dispersion over white products.

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