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The Achiote (Bixa Orellana)

From the seed of the achiote (Bixa Orellana) we can extract a dye called Bixina from its active element who exist in a range of 20% to 85% of it.

Worldwide “Bixina” is known to be the substitute of  beta carotene but without the properties of provitamin A. The other very important dye is Norbixina in concentrations that range between from %40 to %70.

Both products are the starting point from where specialties were created to be applied for an easy use.

Orange Dye: In chowder or in a liquid solution is compatible with aqueous solutions. It is used in extruded corn, cookies coating and in cookies filling, external dye of slaughtered chickens, breading process, dressings and food creams.

Acid resistant Orange Dye: In liquid or in chowder state can be used in common food acidity, bakery products, yogurts and in some other products made from milk, hydro oily medicines as the “cod liver oil”, formulas for soups, candied fruity and medicines.

DYE AND SCATTERED solubilized OIL: Found in concentrations in the 8% to 20% range with unique orange color tones and a wide range of use as in the extruded corn,soy sauce, different types of formulas as in condiments,cheese and much more variety of products.

Solubilized dye in vegetable oil: these have a wide variety of uses in the production of ultra-violet Sun protection creams market.

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