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Turmeric (Cúrcuma longa)

It is well known as “palillo”or Cúrcuma (Cúrcuma Longa). From this raw material it is obtained a dye that gives birth to compatible products with water who are compatible with water, different types of oil and lacquers.
Next, we will mention some of our products and detail their specific use.

– Curcumin powder and liquid resistant acid: There are frequently used in condiments, syrups, soups, candied fruity, marshmallows, medicine, cookies filling, cakes dough,and pastry creams.

 Laca de Tumeric: it is used for pinout purposes, makeup and it has a powerful dying effect.

– Turmeric Oleoso: it is suitable for to be combined with other natural dyes for the manufacture of extruded products.

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